A COR DAR - music album

 by Giovana Bervian and Julio Munhoz

                        Album Credits 


All songs and lyrics written by Julio Munhoz, except "Borda da Noite" (music by Giovana Bervian and lyrics by Julio Munhoz)


Giovana Bervian: sings all songs and plays acoustic guitar in "Borda da Noite"


Julio Munhoz: base acoustic guitar in all songs, vocals in "Brisa", "Olhos Teus" and "Voa Clara", and solo acoustic guitar in "Cavaleiro Negro"


Special guest musicians:

Fefe Corradini: flute in "Borda da Noite" and "Voa Clara"

Álvaro Santi: solo acoustic guitar in "Um Verão em Mim" and "Voa Clara"


Produced by Julio Munhoz and Giovana Bervian (Chronopia Communications)


All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabio Ferreira at the Estudio MixMusic, São Paulo


Acoustic guitar solo by Álvaro Santi recorded at the DDa Da Capo Studio, Porto Alegre


Cover art by visual artist Fernando Carvalhal


Original lyrics in Portuguese



A Cor Dar:

a música que chama em seu fogo de cores, dança e paz!


Acordar é estar desperto no mundo das coisas e perceptivo intuindo essências, e também sensível aos sonhos que correm nos mares banhando continentes e as estrelas todas.

Ao redor uma voz ecoa forte emaranhada em palavras trazendo ideias e amores, tempos de alhures que perduram no agora, juntam pessoas, viagens e cores tantas que são nossas, minhas e tuas, e navegam nas rotas de todos, como lindos são o vento e a vela juntos...

E a onda macia, que originou ao longe no barco arco-íris das águas, toca as pedras e desperta.

São as estórias da gente balançando na proa e nas redes do coração, na emoção dos acordes coriscos brincando melodias sucessivas e livres, universo que ecoa nos cantos de vozes-luz reluzindo seus ritmos em pés dançarinos, batendo bobos no caminhar-tambor das poeiras, das gramas, das areias quentes e das neves frias a aquecer nossa vontade de ir e descobrir...

Segue aqui então, de um jeito simples e sincero, todos os sons e sonhos que couberam em nossa bolsa de tear de A Cor Dar, com vontade de embalar e tocar, observar os equinócios das mudanças, da vida que corre, pinta e canta, do novo e conhecido entremeados juntos, lembrando a raiz apontando para o chão firme e a flor de muitos tons e sabores olhando para o céu.

Cores e flores: amor das tribos zunindo flechas que se espalham nesta linda floresta de ideias, respirações e esperança...

Que o milagre da música se faça!


Wake-up in a Rainbow – A Cor Dar:
the fire of music flowing through colours, dance and peace!


To wake-up in a rainbow is to be aware of worldly things and be open to subtle essences, connecting dreams to the movement of the oceans constantly reaching continents and shining stars.

Nearby echoes a strong voice entrenched in words, chanting ideas and love, weaving places and time with the present moment. This deep echo gathers people, resonates travels and colours, and navigates routes as beautifully as the wind and sail dance together.

Then the soft wave, which originated afar in the water where the boat crosses the rainbow, touches the rocks and awakes all its surroundings.

The synergy of our lives reverberate on the boat bow and tunes the fibres of our hearts, shaking passionate chords and melodies as one walks on the beach at night under rhythmic thunder lights. As dark as it gets on a summer night, the happy dancing feet loosely strike drums while stepping on warm sands, curious childlike feet avid to get into the unknown…

A Cor Dar also means to share all the colours, in the same way as we sincerely share our notes and pulses with you all.
In our humble forest of sounds, we invite you to observe stars constantly changing in the skies. After you enjoy comets and bright planets, let your imagination roll through plants and its beautiful flowers counterbalanced with roots of all sizes and shapes underneath the rich soil of our unique planet Earth. 
Singing colours and vivid flowers: within our imaginary forest, our tribes live in harmony launching arrows charged with love, planting trust and spreading smiles in all directions. 

Ideas, many breathings and hope: music is in the air!

Julio Munhoz, Edmonton, Canada, 2017
Edmonton, AB - Canada
Song 'Cavaleiro Negro' - official music film
A Cor Dar - trailer with some clips
Song 'Olhos Teus'
Album released October 12 2017

New Music Album Release – A Cor Dar/ Wake up in a Rainbow


Brazilian-Canadian musicians Giovana Bervian and Julio Munhoz are launching their first music album together – A Cor Dar, in their native Portuguese language, or Wake up in a Raibow, in English.

The new album brings world music and Brazilian pop combined with a hint of chamber music - original songs by composer Julio Munhoz in the voice of singer Giovana Bervian, debuting her first solo album.

Julio and Giovana live in Edmonton, Alberta. “Edmonton is a unique vibrant multicultural city super proud of its artists, and we are very happy to have started the release of our album first here,” the artists say.



JULIO MUNHOZ is a music composer and film director. Presently he dedicates time to new compositions in styles ranging from pop and experimental to incidental music, as well as composing original music for film projects. In 2015 he launched his first instrumental album, Dreaming Sounds. Since 2014 he has been working with singer Giovana Bervian, in a collaboration that resulted in the release of the album A Cor Dar/ Wake up in a Rainbow (2017). Julio studied classical guitar, pop, serial, jazz and world music, both in Brazil and in Canada. In film Julio has been producing documentary films in areas related to social issues, environment and nature, music and the arts. Some of his projects have been awarded and exhibited in film festivals and television stations around the world, such as Gramado Film Festival (Brazil), Amiens Film Festival (France), Faro Film Festival (Portugal), Tokyo Video Festival (Japan), TV Cultura and TVE (Brazil), and Optik TV (Canada).


GIOVANA BERVIAN is a singer and instrumentalist, with classical and popular training, focusing her career in world music, instrumental music, and Brazilian popular music (MPB). She began studying music when still very young, and later studied classical guitar at Palestrina College, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  As a choral singer in Brazil and in Canada, she studied voice with sopranos Rosana Lofrano, Janet Smith, baritone David Wilson, and singer Anna Beaumont. Mixing her formal education both in classical and pop music, Giovana started her solo career as a singer in 2011. Her repertoire includes world music and bossa-nova classics. In 2013 Giovana was introduced to the work of Julio Munhoz, whose music compositions met her music style and reinforced her plans of recording an album with original songs, which resulted in the recording of their new album.  Giovana composed and performed two music scores to the documentary film Portuguese Cultures in Edmonton, aired by OPTIK TV in Canada. The film was invited to be part of the 60st Porto Alegre International Book Fair (2014) and was officially selected to the International Short-Film Festival of Faro - FARCUME, Portugal (2015). 


The new album is already available on many music platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and CD Baby.


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